Skin tightening treatment Thermage CPT


Thermage™ is a technology that allows to return the previous contours of the face and body, lift the skin and tighten it without any cuts and injections. This is the only one non-invasive technique that gives a pronounced result in one procedure.

Volumetric deep heating leads to instant results – compaction and shortening of collagen fibers. Many patients observe the lifting effect immediately after the procedure. Lifting and restoring the contours of the face due to the fact that the skin is not only tightened at the level of the dermis, but also lifted by reducing the connective tissue bridges that attach it to the muscles and SMAS (muscle aponeurotic layer). The most important feature of radiofrequency impact Thermage™ is the gradually evolving process and the accumulating effect of replacing old and damaged collagen with new ones over time. The visible result from the procedure gradually increases and reaches a maximum on the 6th month and lasts up to 5 years.

Thanks to the unique technological solutions Thermage™ is the only device in its class that provides a pronounced result in just one procedure. True rejuvenation for 5-10 years in one hour without rehabilitation and complications.

Be careful! The Thermage™ procedure is performed with a disposable tip, which the doctor must open and place in the handle of the device with you. The number of pulses stated on the packing of the nozzle must match the number indicated on the monitor of the device. At the end of the procedure, the number of pulses on the monitor should be zero. That means the entire resource of the nozzle is spent and will not be shared with another patient by the doctor. The division of one nozzle on the whole body is also unacceptable.

Specify the cost of the Thermage™ procedure during the specialist consultation in MY clinic.