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MY clinic doctors will diagnose and determine what kind of skin care you need

Despite the plenty of innovative aesthetic technologies of excellence in MY clinic®, we pay due attention to manual maintenance techniques.

Acquaintance with our doctors always begins with consultation and examination. We use the Antera 3D system, which is essentially a portable photo lab, for accurate diagnosis and analysis of the skin condition. The device assesses in a matter of seconds, creates and compares three-dimensional images of the skin, obtained as a result of multi-spectral analysis. It determines the linear dimensions, depth and wrinkle severity index, reveals the level of uneven skin texture and volume, the pore severity index, the uniformity of melanin distribution and the level of pigmentation disturbance, the uniform distribution of hemoglobin and the level of vascular disorders.

A course of procedures is prescribed by our doctors based on the obtained data and visual examination. Most often, this is a competent alternation of aesthetic technologies and manual care method. Our doctors are always aware of new trends and techniques. They regularly attend the best international conferences and undergo internships and advanced training directly at technologists on the basis of manufacturers around the world.

You can completely trust their hands and knowledge.

Cost of cares
* – prices are in UAH

Doctor consultation + Antera 3D diagnosis500
Facial cleansing (mechanical, ultrasound, combined)1500
Biologique Recherche treatments2500-3000
Medik8 treatments2500-3000
Lifting O2 Image SkinCare2500
“Red Carpet “Fire&Ice” IS clinical2000
Express Skincare Hydropeptide2000
Skincare with collagen mask2000
Face massage1500
Collagen mask (optional)1000
 Mask (optional)500 
Microcurrent therapy1500
Superficial peeling Medik81500
Superficial modern peeling Medik8 + Ultimate Recovery mask-treatment2500
12 Weeks to WOW by Medik813990