Non-surgical lifting and muscle stimulation CACI SCULPT


Лифтинг Caci Sculpt Киев

CACI SCULPT is the latest technology which uses higher currents than microcurrents and is more effective for muscles strengthening and toning. Due to this, a correction of the figure, lifting and improving the contours of the body happens

CACI SCULPT is an innovative system for body toning, which provides a visible and measurable result in centimeters for volume reduction and figure correction.

The system includes 4 treatment modules, 20 pre-installed programs, 12 independent channels for lifting, toning, contouring, lymphatic drainage and treatment.

Typically, other body correction devices use technologies that have a superficial effect on connective tissue and adipocytes (fat cells), while CACI SCULPT penetrates deeper and specifically tones and tightens muscles.

Muscle Impulse Stimulation (MIS) is a technology that uses currents of higher intensity than microcurrents and is an ideal method for strengthening and toning the muscles of the body, as they are much larger than the muscles of the face.

The current supplied through the electrode affects the motor (moving) points of the muscles and leads to visible muscle contraction.

Due to changes in current intensity, waveform and the period between muscle contractions, Muscle Impulse Stimulation (MIS) is adapting to the individual needs of each patient.

MIS technology is also used to tone and stimulate blood circulation in weakened muscles, and for aesthetic purposes – to correct the figure, reduce volume and toning.

Both methods, and microcurrents, and MIS, strengthen and tone the muscles. However, MIS affects the entire muscle, which determines the sensations and visible muscle contractions. Microcurrents have a deep effect, but are aimed at affecting only a few muscle fibers, but not the whole muscle, which provides minimal sensation and no visible contraction.

Cost of programms CACI SCULPT
* – prices are in UAH

Detox (lymphatic drainage)1600
Contouring and toning1800
Toning (back)800
Sculpture (chest)1200
Sculpture (belly)800
Sculptures (buttocks)1200
Slim (the whole body)1500