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The unique technology of non-invasive rejuvenation and healing of the skin, which allows to cleanse the skin, saturate it with oxygen and nutrients, as well as to get the WoW-effect due to instant tightening just in one procedure

The GeneO+ device is the latest multifunctional development of the innovator company from Israel Pollogen by Lumenis. The device includes several innovative developments for non-invasive rejuvenation and healing of the skin:

TriPollar® is an exclusive technology for deep and instant skin lifting due to uniform intra-thermal multipolar radiofrequency heating.

OxyGeneo® – simultaneous abrasive cleansing of the skin, saturation of its cells with oxygen and enhanced nutrition of the active components of therapeutic sera.

UltraSound® (ultrasound exposure) –an increase in the permeability of the skin, its compaction and saturation with biologically active components.

NeoMassage® is an intensive apparatus massage that allows to drain effectively the area of the procedure.

GeneО+ procedure advantages:

  • lack of rehabilitation and any damage to the skin;
  • safety for any phototype of the skin at any time of the year;
  • several levels of impact in one procedure: exfoliation, rejuvenation, lightening, deep moisturizing and a noticeable face lifting;
  • scientifically based methodology;
  • instant WOW-effect after the first procedure;
  • the exclusivity of the combined effects, which does not include any other apparatus;
  • quality assurance by Lumenis Aesthetic Corporation.

Cost of the procedures GeneО+
* – prices are in UAH

Procedure Revive3000
Procedure Balance3000
Procedure Illuminate3000