Correction of mimic wrinkles Dysport80/1 un.
Lips Teosyal RHA Kiss (0,7 ml)8000
Lips Teosyal RHA 2/3 or Global Action (1 ml)10000
Lips Evanthia (1 ml)6000
Contour plastic Teosyal (1 ml)10000
Contour plastic Evanthia (1 ml)7000
Polynucleotides Rejuran Healer 1 syringe (2 ml)7000
Polynucleotides Rejuran Healer 2 syringes (4 ml)12000
Polynucleotides Rejuran Eye (1 ml)4500
Polynucleotides Plenhyage 1 syringe (2 ml)6000
Polynucleotides Plenhyage 2 syringes (4 ml)10000
Mesotherapy RRS3000

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