Injection aesthetic medicine


Инъекции косметология Киев

There is a particularly strict attitude towards injection cosmetology in the MY clinic. Procedures are performed by highly qualified doctors, according to indications only and with preparations of the highest quality.

We deal with the elimination of imperfections and signs of aging of the skin, as well as the harmonization of your natural beauty. In our clinic you will never be imposed too much. Coming to us at the reception you can be sure that your personality is above all for us.

Cost of injection cosmetology services
* – prices are in UAH

Mesotherapy Filorga (eyelids)1800
Mesotherapy Filorga (face)3000
Mesotherapy RRS Skin Relax (eyelids)1500
Mesotherapy RRS Skin Relax (face)2500
Mesotherapy RRS Tensor Lift (face)3000
Mesotherapy Dermaheal1500
Mesotherapy Meso-Genesis (head)3000
Lipolitik Dermaheal (body)2500
Lipolitic Meso-Sculpt7000
Biorevitalization Teosyal Redensity I4500
Polynucleotides Twac (eyelids)3500
Polynucleotides Twac 25000
Polynucleotides Twac 36000
Filler Teosyal 0,5 ml6000
Filler Teosyal 1 ml8000
Filler Teosyal RHA-1 1 ml8500
Filler Teosyal RHA-2 1 ml9000
Blanching Belotero Soft7000
Blanching Belotero Intense8000
Botulinum toxin type A Dysport, 1 unit70

Botulinum toxin type A Xeomin, 1 unit