Body shaping VelaShape III


Коррекция фигуры Vela Shape 3

VelaShape III apparatus is a combination of four factors: infrared light (IR), which heats fabrics to a depth of 3 mm; bi-polar radiofrequency (RF) energy heating tissue to a depth of 15 mm; vacuum which provides accurate energy supply and mechanical stimulation which improves lymphatic drainage

VelaShape III is a new generation device for non-invasive body correction and cellulite treatment. This is the ideal solution to the most basic aesthetic problems – non-surgical removal of cellulite, reducing the volume and correction of body contours, as well as improving skin elasticity. VelaShape III is a non-invasive, simple, comfortable, and most importantly – highly effective procedure that does not require a recovery period.

This procedure provides a significant and lasting result that can be maintained from time to time.

More than 10 years of clinical experience, more than a dozen studies, more than 5 million procedures and more published studies than about any other medical device for contouring the body – all this ensured the tremendous success of Syneron company and the brand VelaShape – the market leader of non-invasive body correction devices.

How VelaShape III works:

The device VelaShape III works on the basis of ELOS-technology, combining infrared, bipolar radio frequency energy for accurate heating of tissues to a depth up to 3 mm and 15 mm respectively, and a vacuum-roller effect for removing fat breakdown products.

The symbiosis of technologies provides deep heating of fat cells (adipocytes), surrounding connective fibrous septa and collagen fibers. Effective adipocyte heating is achieved due to higher RF power (radio frequency energy). The optimal design of the electrodes and the simultaneous application of vacuum provides deeper and faster heat penetration. This, in turn, stimulates blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, cellular metabolism and deposition of collagen, as well as enhances the activity of fibroblasts and remodeling the extracellular matrix.

VelaShape III advantages:

  • The maximum RF power allows to warm the tissue quickly and deeply: a decrease in volume is 2-6 cm in one procedure, which lasts only 15 minutes. It guarantees the achievement of an optimal result in just 4 procedures.
  • Integrated temperature sensor. Continuous monitoring of the temperature of the treated area makes the procedure effective and safe.
  • New design and modern interface. The VelaShape III is equipped with new VSmooth applicators to reduce cellulite and VContour with nozzles of various sizes for optimal processing of all parts of the body. The new RF electrode design provides optimum skin contact and improved energy delivery to adipose tissue.
  • Innovation. The new pulse blending mode has been developed for optimal processing of localized fat deposits. This protocol provides a reduction of at least 2 cm for 1-3 procedures and also stable tissues heating, which gives a lasting effective result.

Cost of the procedures VelaShape III
* – prices are in UAH

Abdomen + sides2000
Buttocks (shorts)1500
Buttocks + Hips2000
Face oval1000
Abdomen + sides + buttocks + hips3000
Package “All Body”4600